Stories 2016

The Storytellers Collective culminated in a story exhibit – Folk Fables which was conducted at Crafts Museum on 23rd and 24th April 2016. It was a celebration of stories created by Educators and the children we worked with in 2015-16. The stories explored different themes using the traditional art of Patua and capture the children’s imagination.

You can now read the stories created by the children groups led by the Youth Educator and discover the joy of reading!

Read the following stories: 

Poonji by Vidya and Child led by Shubham Choudhary

Lazy Little Mangu by Vidya and Child led by Ananya Sikka

Titli Maa by Manzil led by Daman Kaur

Aman Aur Anya by Kutumb Foundation led by Vibhuti

Katey Ped Ka Rahasya by Tarang Kala Kendra led by Harman Preet Kaur

The Dreamer by Diksha Foundation led by Aashish Jindal

Sapne by Vidya and Child led by Neha

Ek Anokha Safar by Vidya and Child led by Monika.