Project Vision

We believe that through an engagement with community-led art projects, at-risk children and youth have opportunities to create and participate in projects that help them explore their thoughts and promote their right of expression. At the same time, it helps the youth engage in research, writing and reflection; build language skills and critical thinking in addition to visual and media literacy; supports mutual respect, and peer to peer learning while boosting the creative potential of a young adult.

In 2015-16, our project would directly impact 100 young adults from low-income families in Delhi-NCR and train 10 youth educators.

The Storytellers Collective includes:

a) Workshops for Educators in building educational aids through traditional storytelling techniques

b) Training of students by the Educators over a period of 8 months

c) Development of narratives / published works by students at the end of the program

d) Workshops in Digital Storytelling

e) Community showcases and a Open Exhibit

This schedule of the Storytellers Collective is slated to begin in May 2015 and is expected to conclude in February-March 2016.