On Eligibility

I am 30 years old – am I still be eligible for the programme?

The applications are open to anyone between 18-29 years of age. However, we will give your application a consideration!

Do I need to be an established artist/storyteller before applying to the programme?

This is a teaching as well as learning programme. Applicants must possess basic art (drawing / sketching ) and language (proficiency in written/oral Hindi and English) skills and must have a knack for storytelling.

What other skills are needed to be eligible for the programme?

We recruit dynamic individuals to teach storytelling in a variety of classroom and out-of-school-time programs. Our Educators desire to be innovative leaders and demonstrate a strong interest in art-based education. They are talented media arts educators committed to inclusive education, social justice, community development, and project-based learning and teaching.

If I clear the first two rounds of the application process and am unable to attend apprenticeship training, how can I make up for it?

12-15 Educators would be chosen for the Apprenticeship program, and 10 Educators will be retained. If you are unable to attend the training, your application will be considered void.

I’m currently enrolled in an academic program, would I still be eligible for the post of Youth Educator?

Yes. Educators applying to the programme may be enrolled in an academic program or could be employed full-time during the program duration. However, they must ensure that their obligations should not become a hindrance to their commitment to the programme.

On Application Details

How do I apply to become a TSC Youth Educator?

You can apply to the programme by filling an online application on the TSC website www.thestorytellerscollective.wordpress.com

Please refer to the application guidelines at https://thestorytellerscollective.wordpress.com/application-guidelines/, before filling up the form on the TSC website .

What does the Application Process entail?

Applicants are required to complete an online Application Form (round 1), based on which shortlisted candidates would be called for an interview round (round 2).  Alongside the interview, shortlisted candidates would also need to fill in Creative Tests at the venue. 12-15 finalists undergo an Apprenticeship (round 3) for a duration of 5 days. 10 selected Educators would be placed at different schools.

Why should I apply?

The Storytellers Collective is a unique opportunity to explore India’s rich heritage of narrative arts in an in-depth way. Educators get to learn and develop their artistic skills under the guidance of a Master Artist, and engage in developing arts-based educational aids. In recognition of their efforts and creativity, educator-stories are published by Happy Hands Foundation to reach a variety of audiences. It is also said, that working with children, is another way to remain young and creative 🙂

Can I send a printed or handwritten hard copy of my application form?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we are only accepting ONLINE applications.

On Programme Commitment

What is the duration of the programme ? How much time will I need to commit?

The programme spans across a duration of 9 months from July 2016-March 2017. Educators need to commit an approximate 300 hours spread over this time including classroom hours, trainings and review meetings.

What am I expected to do during the programme?

As an educator, you are expected to aid your learners to grow / learn through developing visual narratives. You may have to create worksheets or supplement your classroom-teaching with effective aids from time to time. You will need to support their creative growth through mentoring and training and enable children to create and present their work before an audience.  Before each class, you are required to submit a lesson plan and a lesson report post-class.

Can I select the location / school that I would be teaching at ?

Schools are allotted to educators on the basis of draw-of-lots. However, you can exchange the same with a willing fellow educator before the programme begins / before formal introductions to the schools. 

Do I receive a stipend?

Yes. TSC Educators will receive a basic stipend that will cover the travel expenses incurred during the programme. Educators are expected and advised to use public transport wherever possible.

What if I wish to / need to leave the program midway ?

Upon your selection as a Youth Educator, you will be under a signed – contract which includes details of the termination. Apart from reimbursing the foundation all costs incurred towards your training / stipend etc, you would need to assist with recruiting and training your replacement.

Who schedules my classes? Can I reschedule if need be?

The classes are scheduled in consultation with the school and you. In case of an emergency / medical ailment, you may reschedule your classes 48 hours before the class. It is imperative to understand that children wait for their classes with much excitement and we must respect their commitment too.

Will I be allowed any leave?

Yes. You may take a leave for professional / academic / other reasons which must be supported by an application. Classes missed as a result of your absence, must be compensated for, with extra classes out of schedule.

What are the key programme dates that I should keep in mind?

Applications Open 15th May
Applications Close 27th June
Interviews 3rd July
Announcement of Final list of fellows 4th July
Orientation and Apprenticeship Training July Week 1-Week 2
Placement at Student Centres August 1st Week
Teaching Period August-January
Production Period January – February
Community Showcases and Final Exhibit February – March