Educators 2016


Arzoo Rikhy
Arzoo graduated over a year ago with a degree in literature, cultural studies and psychology. She has always wanted to work with children which led her to a Teach for India fellowship. After spending a year in classrooms, she has found her passion. Her curiosity about the arts and storytelling has come alive in her classroom.
Ashmeet Kaur

Frida once said, “Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.” Ashmeet Kaur Bindra is an aspiring artist, an educator-in-making and an explorer.

Debduti Ray

A hotel management graduate with a 8 year experience in leadership training and operations at American Express. Her hobbies include solo travelling, painting and dancing and she always look forward to learning new things and recycle craft.

Aditi Jain
Aditi Jain is a visual artist and an art educator. A Post-graduate in Visual arts, Aditi is Interested in multimedia art and illustrations. Besides having a passion for teaching, she likes to explore and read the city in different ways.
Nishita Jain
A management graduate who is an artist at heart, Nishita worked in the field of Public Relation for over 3 years, but art never left her life. Now as a dedicated artist, she is trying to find new avenues.
Preeti Gupta
After completing her masters in english and media studies, she started working in theatre in education field where she used different mediums like drama , storybooks and story telling for the skill development of children. Currently she works towards integrating arts into education for school children.
Raghav Chopra
As a business studies graduate, Raghav always felt comfortable with his line of work until he realised that he needed to push himself creatively and mentally. Now apart from being a teacher of a class of 50 girls, he spends his time reading and writing.
Mansi Verma
Mansi is a visual practitioner who explores the connections between self and every day through various mediums of art practice. A master in Visual Arts, she is also a music lover, trained Bharatnatyam dancer and finds interests in photography.

Nupur Rastogi

A Teach For India Fellow, Nupur’s interest lies in a varied number of art. She has a Masters in English and literature is the most beautiful thing ever happened to her. Her interests are reading,writing and travelling.
Mansi Middha 
Mansi regards her experience with Happy Hands foundation as the extreme of her learning curve. She had always been interested in art but felt this lack of skills to do much in the field. Now, she aims to learn the skills of storytelling through art.