Educators 2015

Educators 2015

The Youth Educators for 2015 :

Vibhuti Agarwal: 

Vibhuti is a dreamer, explorer and adventurer. She is highly passionate about education and is currently working as a Teach for India fellow, as well. She  envisions to work on democratic education in India and her focus is towards the inner development of children. She is also interested in photography, backpacking and reading.

Shubham Choudhary: 

There are various dimensions to Shubham’s personality, ranging from a traveller, amateur painter, photographer,  art lover to adventure freak. Through his work he challenges stereotypes and tries to break taboos. Creativity is what he practice and nurture in his day to day life as it gives him a sense of individuality and freshness. He believes that magic happens outside of one’s comfort zone and thus, he love pushing his boundaries in order to have the full experience of life. He has spent two years in rural Rajasthan working as a gandhi fellow. He keeps exploring new ways to address issues which bothers him and hopes to bring change in this world.

Ananya Sikka:

Ananya has completed her B.Ed, and is currently pursuing a masters in English Literature at the University of Delhi. She strongly believes in the act of expression, and her paintings depict her interpretation of individual human experience. Rain, a pleasant breeze, winters, and people is where she takes the inspiration from. She would like to foster a sense of imagination and creativity among her learners on the basis of arts and aesthetics.

Monika Sharma: 

Monika has more than three years of experience in teaching and loves to experiment in her style of teaching. She believes that it is important for the students to apply the knowledge they have received outside as well. She uses stories to explain environmental issues to her learners. She loves cooking for everyone and try different combinations of spices and vegetables to make new dishes.

Neha Tomar: 

Neha has completed her graduation and is currently pursuing her masters in Commerce. She has been teaching for past five years at Vidya and Child and is keen to learn about different art forms of India. When she is not teaching, she loves to experiment different styles of drawing in her free time.

Damandeep Kaur:

Damandeep is a 20 year old and is pursuing her graduation in Home Science presently. She is actively involved in street and stage theater and believes that the process and the experience is as essential as being creative. She can find joy and creativity in the mundane things of life. Damandeep is known for her simplicity and works diligently.

Harman Preet Kaur:

Harman is a feminist with a Masters in Literature from Ambedkar University, Delhi. She is an avid reader and film-goer who fancies gardening and weaving short-stories. She speaks 3 languages, claims to know 4, understands more than 5, ergo always game for a hearty chat. She is passionate about theatre and travelling and thus always looking for members, locations and themes for her dream travelling theatre company.

Aashish Jindal: 

Aashish is currently pursuing is graduation in English Literature. He gives the credit for his interest in fine arts to his mother and to his college where he got the exposure to pursue various forms of art and activities. The extra curricular activities provided him with a kaleidoscopic insight to this filed which he wants to pursue after completing his studies. He is constantly exploring opportunities through which he can work towards his passion about art, literature and teaching.