Application Guideline



Application Details

The application form can be accessed at this link:

Please review the Program Information carefully before applying. You can download it here.

Please read the following application tips carefully before completing the application for The Storytellers Collective Program. We recommend keeping your answers short and precise. 

  • Fill in the Personal and Educational details

Please review all the information (Name, Age, Contact Number, Email Address, Current Place of Study/Employment) and ensure that the information provided is accurate and updated. It is advisable to let us know before, in case of any change in the information provided by you.

  • Why do you want to be a Youth Educator? What qualities in you, do you think, would make your application successful?

What are your personal motivations to apply? Highlight your key strengths and skills / any experiences which are relevant to the program. 

  • For a book, our artist has created this illustration (given below) for the first page. Please help us start the story with 10-lines. 

In 10 lines, begin a narrative, using this illustration as your support. Remember these would be the opening lines of the book.  

  • Have you applied (or are planning to apply) to any fellowships, or academic programs for 2016-17 ?

Please provide us with details about the programmes or jobs you have applied for or are planning to apply for in the year 2016-17. Please be honest. 

  • Please highlight your commitments (professional, academic or otherwise) for the year 2016-17

Please provide us with details about your existing engagements – with your employer or academic institution or any other organisation in case you are pursuing an academic programme or fellowship or are currently employed. We would know the number of hours you commit to these engagements. 

  • Provide a web-link to your visual art portfolio.

Upload your work samples to a portfolio driven site and provide us the link to the website on which your works are uploaded. The works uploaded should represent individual works and must have been completed in the past two years. Your work samples can be of following nature: Crafts, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Creative Writing or Printmaking.

Please refrain from sending us your portfolio through attachments or links via Google Drive. If we are unable to access your portfolio, your application will not be considered. 

  • Provide names and contact details (email + phone number) of two professional references (Do NOT provide references of family or friends).

Please provide the name, email, and phone number, as well as your relationship to each of the professional references. Letters of recommendation are not required. The applicant is responsible for notifying referees prior to registering referees in the application. Should the selection panel choose your application, your references will be contacted by the team of The Storytellers Collective anytime between June 17 – 19, 2016


Good luck and we look forward to your application!