The “Teaching-Learning Process” : Ananya’s Class

Working with children, for me, is not only about setting forth knowledge or yielding some kind of skill amongst the learners. I strongly believe in the act of expression and therefore, I prefer to call it a teaching-learning process. At Vidya and Child, a group of 12 ten-year olds make this possible, every Sunday, as they eagerly wait, with a decorated black-board, for their ‘Patua-class’.


The small cosy classroom has its exteriors in a slum area in NOIDA. The children have hand-painted the room, its colours in stark contrast against the greys, browns, and blacks outside.  The learners, neatly dressed, their art-files opened at a new page, and their eyes brimming with the urge to share something from the week that was- It feels privileged to be the recipient of their knowledge. Their inherent purity and creativity is the educator’s reward.

In each session, while we aim to cover set of objectives, we also take part in becoming increasingly aware of our own selves, our environment and those around us. We are ‘Storytellers’ and we learn each time, that our stories intersect at various levels. It is in developing a methodology, to find these points of intersection, that I always look forward to.

as told by Ananya Sikka
Youth Educator at Vidya & Child, Noida