Making Stories

When I first applied for this project, I was uncertain about which of my ‘skills’ would be put to test. As a student of Literature I find myself ever so driven, if not ‘trained’, to wander in the works and world of creative imagination. My wanderings are precious to me, but are they of any relevance? To anyone? At all? I often wonder. Here, at The Storytellers Collective, I have witnessed, along with my fellow Educators, how our solitary wanderings, our individual ideas can together shape into improved stories, finer colours and more lively paintings. Nothing remains untouched by this metamorphosis. Not even us. Working with children- teaching and learning from them has been an enriching experience in itself. Each student adds a magical thread of their own to the rich fabric that is our classroom at Tarang Kala Kendra.

HarmanNeha knits mesmerizing stories like an old grandmother, while Shakeel has a keen sense of observation and the knack for moulding characters into a narrative. Suvendu is a hardworking, rather silent kid who’s untiring efforts at learning the Patua art form are like a breath of fresh air amidst the animated excitement Amit and Supriya’s magnanimous range of ideas bring forth.

Be it the Diwali celebrations, a random encounter with a stranger or even that feeble earthquake tremor we felt (or did not)- we share a plethora of stories amongst each other every week. It is in such moments I am convinced that our seemingly ‘out of place’ wanderings, our stories are actually deeply embedded in our surroundings, the people, the community we come from, the community we together make. And these are relevant. It is only upon giving voice to that narrative within ourselves, can we journey towards making a better story.

–  as told by Harman
Youth Educator at Tarang Kala Kendra, New Delhi